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About the Program

Loma Linda University (LLU) has taken special interest in preventive medicine since it began in 1905. The first formal preventive medicine organization was the School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine, established in 1948. It began with a heavy emphasis on research and gradually developed into graduate education. In 1967, LLU established the School of Public Health.

The Occupational & ENvironmental Medicine Residency Program at LLU emphasizes the clinical and applied aspects of occupational and environmental medicine which are considered to fall within primary care. It focuses on the relationship of individuals and groups to their workplaces, work, and environments. LLU takes special interest in assessment of individual health hazards and the identification and promotion of practices that help to reduce risk and prevent or postpone disease and injury.

From its beginning, the Preventive Medicine Residency, and now the Occupational & Environmental Medicine Residency, have taught lifestyle medicine and health promotion. Concurrently, the residency provides a balance of experience in government, private, fee-for-service, pre-pay health care systems and in the workplace.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Loma Linda University Occupational Medicine Residency Advisory Committee is to provide leadership and direction for the education of resident physicians in the PGY-2 and -3 years in occupational and environmental medicine. We believe that the University motto, “To Make Man Whole”, is reflected in our training program at the rotation sites on campus, as well as those at the affiliated institutions and workplaces by: EDUCATING ethical and proficient health professionals and scholars, through instruction, example, and the pursuit of truth, in a Christian context of values; EXPANDING human knowledge and its application to health and disease, through basic and applied research; PROVIDING comprehensive, competent, and compassionate individual and population based care for the whole person and whole community, through faculty, students and alumni.


Loma Linda University is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Its motto, “To Make Man Whole”, typifies not only the educational opportunities the university offers, but also the contributions it and the students can make to the church and to the world. The residency espouses the unique goals and objectives of the worldwide Adventist Health Care System and provides both training and patient care within an atmosphere of Christian compassion and concern, helping people to become “whole” in the truest sense. The residency program is open to persons of all religious faiths.

The Loma Linda University Occupational Medicine Residency Program

Loma Linda University offers two years of residency. Most LLU residents, after completing an ACGME approved clinical year, enter a two-year program involving an integrated academic and practicum phase. This combines didactic learning with practical experience and allows residents to receive stipend support during their training. The practicum training is offered through the following affiliated institutions: J.L.Pettis Veterans Affairs Medical Center, LLU Center for Health Promotion, Patton State Hospital, San Bernardino County Center for Employee Health & Wellness.

Master of Public Health Program

When an applicant has been offered a residency position and has accepted, he/she will need to apply separately to the Environmental & Occupational Health MPH program in the School of Public Health. This department may be contacted by phone at 909-558-8750, or by email at janderson@sph.llu.edu, and an application package will be mailed.

All MPH majors take core course work in biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, health administration, and the behavioral sciences.

Those physicians who have previously completed an MPH or its equivalent elsewhere can apply for direct entry into the PGY-3 year. They will, however, be required to take the three courses listed above (ENVH 581, ENVH 587, ENVH 589) if they have not already completed them satisfactorily.

The Ann Dew Occupational Medicine Residency Fund

2010 marks the ten year anniversary of the beginning of the Occupational Medicine Residency at Loma Linda University. After many years of hard preparatory work, Ann Dew, DO, MPH began the residency in 2000 and was the residency director until 2007 when she retired from her position with the Jerry Pettis Veterans Administration Hospital. Dr. Dew continued to stay affiliated with Loma Linda University and the Occupational Medicine Residency until 2009 when she fully retired from academic service. For more information please click here.